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An invitation to partner with the GRMA programme

The Global Risk Modelling Alliance (GRMA) programme offers a unique service to countries and cities wishing to advance their capacities in finance-orientated climate and disaster risk analysis.

Ministries and mayoral offices are invited to partner with the GRMA team to deepen their expertise and autonomy in understanding and pricing risk.

The GRMA programme not only provides advice but also grant-funded modelling and data support according to local needs. Application of the advanced, open risk modelling techniques of the private sector with local research and data is essential to ensure the risk analysis is optimised for your specific risk profile and finance needs.

Phases of the GRMA programme

Please find our application template here.

The GRMA team is available to work with ministry or agency officials from the outset to prepare for the application process and co-define the programme. We hope that you find our diagram – Phases of the GRMA programme – a useful guide to what to expect, in the meantime.

For further information please feel free to contact the GRMA team directly:

Pre-Application Phase


Eligible country submits Letter of Intent

Joint Preparation of Application

Application Phase


Formal application



Project Implementation


Joint Capacity Assessment & Planning

Strategic Risk Assessment

Prioritise Risk Financing Options & Projects

Define Modelling & Data Gaps

Application of Risk Metrics, Risk Reduction and Risk Finance projects

Pathway for Future Capability

Project Completion


The GRMA serves OECD Overseas Development Assistance qualifying countries. Detailed eligibility criteria can be found here.

Download Eligibility Criteria

Expression of Interest

Please find our Expression of Interest letter template here.

Download Expression of Interest Letter


Please find our application template here.

Download Application Template

Join the effort

Modelling companies, commercial vendors, researchers, academics and non-profits working on climate risk data and modelling are invited to join the effort. Stay tuned for the publication of country-specific Calls for Proposals.

If you are interested in learning more, and want to stay up to date on opportunities, sign up here: